Although there are already other projects that wrap libsass, they don't appear to be maintained anymore, so I fork'd NSass and fixed some of the maintainability problems with it. From that, libsass-net was born.


Recently there have been a few bugs that Sassy Studio users have been running into related to libsass that have been fixed for a while, but the wrapper I had been using (NSass) had not been updated in over 6 months. Since NSass was just a fork of libsass and then moved the files, getting the updates from libsass would not be an easy process.

To solve this issue, I created a new project on GitHub and brought in the code using a git submodule which should allow me to very easily grab updates as the roll out and become stable.


Currently, I’m a bit bogged down with a new job and a basement project so right now libsass-net is the bare minimum amount of work that I needed to do to get it working for Sassy Studio. In the somewhat near future I plan on adding support for the following (pull requests welcome):

  • NuGet packages
  • x64 support (currently it works, must a manual process)
  • ASP.NET handler
  • System.Web.Optimization integration